Reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K

reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K صورة 2
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K صورة 3
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K صورة 4
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K صورة 5
reach stacker Kalmar DRF450-60S50K صورة 6
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≈ €140,800
≈ AED 549,500
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الماركة:  Kalmar
الموديل:  DRF450-60S50K
الفئة:  reach stacker
سنة التصنيع:  2018
الموقع:  الصين Shanghai
تاريخ النشر:  ٢٧‏/٠٣‏/٢٠٢٤
رقم التعريف في دليل عروض البائع:  SHANGHAI
الشراء بالأقساط خيار محتمل: 
حالة المركبة
حالة المركبة:  جديدة
الضمان::  1 سنة

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Machines Location: shanghai, China 
What can we provide?
All machines are widely recognized and trusted by users, extensively used in constructions and other industries.
Our professional shipping forwarders can arrange all the shipping works efficiently.
We provide many ways of delivery, fast ,conveniently ,safely.
●Container: cheapest but fast.
●Bulk cargo ship :better for bigger construction equipment.
●Flat rack ship : better for bigger machines and also no need to be dismantled.
●RO RO ship :which is good for every machine and faster.
You can choose one favorite depends on your actual requires .
Lading: within 5 working days after payment generally.
3.Payment:By T-T transfer.
Price is negotiable.Our attitude is to provide lowest price with superior quality ,just for long standing cooperation with every client.

4.Payment Terms: By TT Bank Transfer, 30% deposit+ 70% balance.

5.Delivery time: within 7 working days after your payment.

6.Extra Service 
A. Airport picking up.
B.Provide the best pre-sale and after-sales service.
C.Guide u visit shanghai when u are free.
D.Hotel booking.
(1)If you find any of the machines interested, please kindly let me know and we can offer more relevant photos and detailed specifications for u.
(2)Our professional team make special effort to solve all problems or buy some quick-wear parts for you.
(3)All machines are imported or exported legally with complete procedures.

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